Diet and Nutrition in the U.S.- the Obesity Epidemic


I recently saw the movie Super Size Me and was once again reminded that the U.S population is fat and getting fatter.   What are the causes of the obesity epidemic ?  Certainly the availability of cheap calorie and fat laden fast food  contributes to the problem.  How many times a week does the average family eat out?  If children are not getting meals  at  home where do they learn to  prepare food?  Where do children learn about diet and nutrition?

My sons are excellent cooks, are not obese, and understand nutrition.  I am not the best cook (famous for my rubber chicken)  but we ate most meals at home.  My husband and I encouraged our sons  to cook meals for the family.  They learned that food comes from the grocery store and not the drive through.  They also learned that home cooked food tastes better and is more nutritious than burgers and fries.

My suggestion to help combat the obestity epidemic is to introduce children to cooking  and keep family meals at home.


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  1. davelove says:

    fast-food is a bit of a misnomer. I can cook a great meal faster than anybody can drive from my house to a burger joint and back home. for example: boil water ( 5 min), while waiting for boil, chop onion, garlic and fry in olive oil and brown (5 min). add pasta. chop tomatoes, parsley, salt and pepper- then add (5 min). drain pasta and mix with veggies. total time <15 min. make a salad with other dead time too.

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