Where does your food come from and how did it get to you?

I subscribe to Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) , Mattawoman Creek Farms, a local certified organic farm on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. CSA connects local farmers with local consumers. The subscriber purchases a share of the the harvest and in return receives a large bag of fresh local produce weekly during the growing season. In addition to supporting local farmers, CSA provides a direct link between the growing and the consumption of food. I now know how, where, and by whom my food was grown.

CSA gives me the opportunity to try many new local foods such as mizuna, bok choi, and tatsoi. I eagerly look forward to my weekly supply of fresh produce delivered directly from the farm. The iceberg lettuce wrapped in cellophane at the supermarket will have to wait until winter.


2 Responses to Where does your food come from and how did it get to you?

  1. dave love says:

    what are mizuna and tatsoi? Have you visited the CSA you belong to? some farms let you visit them if you are part of the CSA.

  2. suelove says:

    See description and photos

    Have not visited but plan to

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