Patients Rate Hospital Care

After my last post, Compare Your Hospital, I was asked about patient input on the care they received in a hospital. Several hospitals collect information on patient satisfaction but it was difficult to compare data since previously there was no standard questionnaire. The same organizations that developed Hospital Compare have also developed a hospital survey for measuring patients’ perspectives of hospital care. It is composed of twenty questions about aspects of the patients’ hospital experience such as:

  • communication with doctors
  • communication with nurses
  • responsiveness of hospital staff
  • cleanliness and quietness of hospital environment
  • pain management
  • communication about medicines
  • discharge information

In addition patients are asked to rate the hospital from 1-10 and if they would recommend the hospital to friends and family.

The survey should provide a meaningful comparison of hospitals from the patients’ perspective and public reporting should be an incentive for hospitals to improve.   Results of the survey should appear on the Hospital Compare website in March 2008.


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