Gun Control Legislation

On April 16 2007 thirty three people were killed on the campus of Virginia Tech. The NY Times called this the “deadliest shooting rampage in American history”. The killer had a long history of mental illness.

On Jan 18 2008 the Virginia General Assembly House Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee  killed the “gun show loophole” (HB 745 and HB 592) that would have prevented private vendors from selling weapons at gun shows without background checks.

What is wrong here?


2 Responses to Gun Control Legislation

  1. Mike says:

    what is the general sentiment in VA on this?

  2. suelove says:

    According to today’s editorial in the Virginian Pilot
    “We have been giving extra attention to 11 issues whose adoption would improve public health, safety and services, make government more open and accountable, and foster competitive elections”

    “We are on the losing side on smoking, redistricting, guns, gubernatorial terms and audits of lawmakers.”

    Did I fail to mention that the bill to ban smoking in restaurants also failed? Another story!

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