Florida and the Aging Population

img_0577.jpg After a 2 week vacation in coastal Florida, I have a few thoughts on improving the health of our aging population. I was pleased to see older people walking on the beach, strolling in parks, and a few even paddling kayaks. The secret to youth does not lie in pills, but in activity. Europeans have been walking for years while we in the U.S.  have been content to see the world from the inside of a car. A sedentary lifestyle has taken a toll on the elderly. It is time to reverse this trend. If some of the Medicare budget were channeled into walking and biking trails we might see a healthier older generation.


2 Responses to Florida and the Aging Population

  1. mikelove says:

    pills! give us our pills!

  2. suelove says:

    Look at your next paycheck…. the deduction called Medicare is what you are putting into the health of the aging population. Where do you want your dollars going?

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