Prevent Global Warming and Improve Health

This can be done in one easy step. Put down the car keys and walk out the door. Walking or biking instead of driving is the answer. Seth Borenstein , an AP reporter, recently wrote an article “Fighting Fat and Climate Change” with data from physicians and climate scientists. He states that a scientist calculated if all Americans ages 10-74 walked 1/2 hour a day instead of traveling by car,  they would cut the the annual U.S. emissions of carbon dioxide by 64 million tons and at the same time shed 3 billion pounds. This information needs to be given to city planners . Open areas with walking and bike paths would encourage citizens to put down the car keys and step out the door into a cleaner environment as well as help to curb the spiraling health costs of a sedentary overweight population.


One Response to Prevent Global Warming and Improve Health

  1. samantha says:

    I found this article very pleasing and it helped me i now know i am going to walk for half an hour

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