The Purple Room

I recently returned from a trip to Coastal Mississippi  working with Habitat for Humanity.  We were building new houses and rehabilitating old houses for Katrina victims. It has been over two years and many people in this area still do not have a place to live other than FEMA trailers. One woman’s house stood out for me. “B” is  a 40 year old woman who is  the primary wage earner for her family. She is  about to move out of a FEMA trailer into a new home on her father’s  land. Her old  house had been washed away by Katrina.  The final job was to paint the walls. The paint she had picked out for her bedroom was purple. I was reminded of the poem by Jenny Joseph “When I am old I will wear purple”. The smile on her face when she saw the room was overwhelming.  I thought,  she has  survived Katrina and lived for over 2 years with her  family in a FEMA trainer, she has earned this room.


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