Public Health in the U.S.- The Global Perspective

I just read an article from the NEJM: “Putting Typhoid Vaccination on the Global Health Agenda

Althougth typhoid fever is not a public health problem in this country due in large part to our excellant water and sanitation systems, it is a significant problem in developing nations. The article quotes the WHO as stating that there are “16 million to 33 million cases and 500,000 to 600,000 deaths from typhoid fever annually.” The author states that typhoid fever has largely fallen off the international radar screen. With our large population of foreign borne and increasing antibiotic resistance, we can no longer ignore the health of the rest of the world. Infectious diseases know no borders. The author suggests targeted high risk vaccination as a partial solution to the typhoid fever problem and cites improved water and sanitation as “requiring huge investments and unlikely to reach slums and other high risk areas in devloping countries for years to come” I am of the opinion that we owe it to the health of the world to help with that investment. Improving water and sanitation infrastructure in developing nations will yield big public health rewards.


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