Tuberculosis (TB) has surfaced recently as a disease of media interest with the arrival of extensively drug resistant pulmonary TB in a traveler. CDC actually has a Division of TB Elimination and at one time elimination of this disease was thought possible. Cases were declining and elimination of the disease was thought to be within our reach. TB resurged in the US during 1985-1992 . The annual rate of TB has decreased steadly since that time but this is a tough disease to contain. TB control requires a lot of attention with intensive case management and contact investigaton. That means a lot of dedicated public health people and a lot of hours of directly observed therapy. Also like pandemic flu, TB is a disease we cannot keep our of our country. Until we are able to eliminate TB globally it will be impossible to accomplish the goal of the CDC Division of TB Elimination. I hope this recent media attention will put more public health funding into TB elimination both in this country and globally.

This blog is dedicated to AP a dedicated public health nurse who retired today after 28 years of working in TB control.


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