The Smoke Free Hospital

The hospital I work at has done something remarkable. It has gone smoke free! Not just patients and staff inside the building but everywhere on the grounds including the parking lots. No longer can patients and staff stand outside the doors of the building for a smoke break. For years the non smokers had to dash past the second hand smoke to enter the building. Even visitors are no longer allowed to smoke on the grounds of the hospital. Not only have they banned cigarettes, they have banned any tobacco product. Forty three years after the publication of Smoking and Health, Report of the Advisory Committee to the Surgeon General my hospital is banning a substance that causes the death of 450,000 Americans annually. I understand that hospitals across the nation are taking this bold step and I commend my hospital for being one of the first.


2 Responses to The Smoke Free Hospital

  1. mikelove says:

    will they still be serving cheeseburgers in the cafeteria?

  2. suelove says:

    Yes but they also offer “heart healthy” menu choices. Only thin people in good shape select this item.

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