Pandemic Flu Planning

As I read the multiple documents on pandemic influenza planning, I am always surprized to find that we have rediscovered the concept of staying home when sick. How many have worked during an illness? Your fellow workers do not thank you for coming in to infect them and their families. No one is indispensable and yet workplaces are filled with persons coughing, sneezing, and yes, even vomiting. The true heroes are those who keep their illnesses to themselves. So as we begin planning for pandemic influenza remember to keep your disease out of the workplace for all illnesses not just pandemic influenza.


3 Responses to Pandemic Flu Planning

  1. Mike Love says:

    There should absolutely be a CDC campaign against this behavior.

    I’ve seen people coming into work after vomiting, and there is this sense of “aren’t I a trooper?!” It’s totally bizarre.

  2. Judy Rheingold says:

    As a hairstylist working directly above or in front of my clients, I cringe when one comes in coughing or sneezing. If given a chance or an option I always asked that they stay home and keep their illness to themselves. This gives me a great idea….I think I will have a sign made and post it on my mirror: Keep your illness at home!

  3. suelove says:

    The CDC has posters that you might consider using×11.pdf
    Also a supply of surgical masks to put on the client who is disregarding your health. We have started doing this in hospitals and waiting rooms for all people with respiratory illness.

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