The Google physician

I have been reading The Google Story by David A. Vise and am facinated by the concept of 20% time. The Google 20% concept allows engineers to pursue projects that they ” are passionate about” for 20% of their schedule. Why don’t all professions , particulary health, have 20% time? Physicians are bright and at one time were creative people. In the rush to see patients, write papers, or attend CME conferences we have lost creativity. We also have very little time to network and share innovative ideas. We all, at one time, had a great  idea on how to make medicine or public health better. That idea was probably lost in our 120% work day.


3 Responses to The Google physician

  1. mikelove says:

    Blogs and GANFYD style sites are one way I guess. 🙂

  2. suelove says:

    Agreed, but I find myself delving into this great source of information and ideas after midnight which seems to be the only time I have available. That leads me into my next blog which will be about sleep and the practicing physician. “Thoughts from the midnight shift”

  3. dave says:

    so are you spending 20% of your time on this blog? how will you spend your 20% today?

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